Living the Gift of Marriage

With humor, story, and lecture, this parish based retreat engages couples to see the great gift God has given them in their marriage and practical ways to love their spouse in their day-to-day encounters. Whether you are looking for something to bolster your marriage or need tangible skills to help through some troubled times, this is the event for you. Bring this retreat to your parish and discover the mysteries of Marriage and the grace that flows from this great Sacrament!

“Living the Gift of Marriage” covers four major themes of married life: Seeing the Sacrament of Marriage, Growing in Spiritual Intimacy, Renewing Emotional Intimacy, and Sharing the Marital Embrace. Following each presentation there is a growth exercise or couple sharing time.

Typical timeframe (flexible based on parish’s Vigil Mass):

Friday from 7pm – 9pm and Saturday from 8:30am to Vigil Mass

Why parish-based?  Well, for a few reasons: 1) No need to worry about overnight accommodations. 2) Supports the parish as a spiritual home. 3) If baby sitting is offered (depending on parish’s resources), this makes it easier for couples with young children to attend 4) Ending with the Saturday Vigil affirms that the the Eucharist is the mains source of grace for any marriage, it gives  couples the opportunity to be recognized by their faith community, and allows them to fulfill their Mass obligation, so they can spend Sunday with their families.

To see if my presentation style is what you are looking for, here is a link to listen to my talk “Renewing Emotional Intimacy.” This is the third talk of the series and gives couples practical skills on how to work through disagreements, learn the importance of forgiveness, and improve overall communication.

Download this flyer and share with anyone you think is interested: LGM Flyer

To book “Living the Gift of Marriage” for your parish, contact me at

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