Hope Leads the Way

What is hope and why is it an indispensable part of healthy living? Drawing upon years of counseling experience, this lecture series is designed to help you better understand the psychology and theology of hope, why it is so often misunderstood, and what we can do to increase hope in our lives.

This is a three-part parish mission that combines my signature blend of Catholic faith, psychological theory, personal stories, and humor to create an engaging and lively experience.

Want to listen to the presentations for free? They are on my podcast! Click the links below or search for these episodes in your favorite podcast app:

Episode 78: Hope Leads the Way, Lecture 1 of 3: Hope as a Psychological Trait

Episode 79: Hope Leads the Way, Lecture 2 of 3: Hope as a Theological Virtue

Episode 80: Hope Leads the Way, Lecture 3 of 3: The Power of Hope

For more information, download the Hope Leads the Way Flyer